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burnout-firedThe interest of orthodox medicine in the causal relationship between our cell power plants: Mitchondria and diseases such as depression and burnout have grown. In fact, it is obvious that the cause of “being powered out” can only lie in the energy suppliers.

  • What are mitochondria?
    Mitochondria are the cell power plants of our cells and are able to produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) through the citric acid cycle and other metabolic processes.
  • What is ATP?
    The energy is stored in the 3 (Tri) phosphate compounds of the ATP. In muscles or wherever the energy is needed, the energy is released by releasing a phosphate compound. ATP = ADP + P + energy, where the D stands for Di (2).

What mitochondriopathy is and how to treat it is the content of this article. I refer to the success story of a young man and write about micronutrients, vitamins, nutrition and recommendations for interesting books, especially about mitochondria.
(By the way: I am neither a doctor nor a non-medical practitioner, but I have read with great interest a book on this subject by Dr. Kuklisnki, which I will mention below.
Everyone is responsible for their own health. You should always go to the doctor and/or non-medical practitioner first.)

(Here is yet another truly anabolic success story from a reader of these blogs: Depressions defeat)

Burnout just a mental illness?

Throughout Germany, around nine million people have been affected by burnout syndrome in 2012/2013. The trend is rising. There are several reasons why there are more and more burnout sufferers:

  1. Through 24/7 Accessibility of the information society or the omnipresence of the Internet
  2. Because of the pressure to perform, build up social media, if you only see the filtered success messages (holiday photos etc.) of your friends.
  3. because burnout sounds better than Depressions (you’re not weak, you’ve worked too much, but you’ve worked too much.)
  4. because pressure of the economic crisis has been artificially built up by the economy.

Burnout is known to be a mental illness. That probably implies that the cause is also psychological. But as you’re probably thinking, I’m going to be hooked into that now. That’s right!

Body and mind are connected. You are what you eat. Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin expression. It means “a healthy mind in a healthy body“. Everything is related something like, no, not somehow, since it’s no secret that the brain is not just an empty vessel for our soul, but rather a gigantic, complex nervous system. These nerves don’t just function like power lines, but depend on the right chemistry, i. e. the right substances.

So burnout only has physical causes? No, absolutely not. Irritable bowel, irritable bladder, a red head, all symptoms that are nervous, i. e. of a psychological nature. To complicate matters: However, the nervous states are favored by material imbalances in body chemistry.

Experience with mitochondropathy

But now it’s getting really interesting. Because I found a success story of a burnout patient (link), which I want to tell you about. What he wrote there may be fictitious, but it matches what I read in the book (), which I will report below.

By the way, he says in his contribution that he is suffering from fatigue. A nice visitor to my site has informed me by e-mail that CFS and Burnout are anything but the same and even not comparable. I’m always grateful for your help. Thank you, Rebecca K. for your objection.

I cannot say whether mitochondrial therapy really helps CFS. But here too, Kuklinski sees a connection.

Back to the young man. Like many other chronically ill people, he will have visited one or the other doctor to find a cure. And that should always be the first way: The doctor. And just like every chronically ill person, he will have experienced that (at least from the point of view of many orthodox physicians) there is no cure but only symptom suppression.

He reports that he was able to cure his burnout completely. His path reflects almost 1 to 1 the content of the aforementioned I have read and from which I would like to report here.

Acquired mitochondriopathy

According to the young man, the main cause of burnoutis a dysfunction of the energy-providing cells in the human organism – mitochondria. It’s not exactly like that, but something like that. The mitochondria are not cells themselves, but are components of the cells. And it’s certainly not the main cause. As already mentioned: The body and the psyche are connected. If someone has a good reason to be sad, the LOGI diet mentioned below will not suddenly make him happy.

Mitochondriopathy cure = mitochondria cure

Mitochondria are also known as cell power plants, which provide ATP (adenosine-triphosphate = the ultimate energy source of the body). The tri means that 3 phosphate molecules are attached to this molecule. When a phosphate molecule splits off, energy is released. ATP = ADP + P + energy. The citric acid cycle, which turns ADP + P back to ATP, takes place in the mitochondria. The fact that the mitochondria no longer function properly can be recognized by a low ATP value in the cells.

In his report, the young man has already correctly recognized that without mitochondria in the human (but also in the animal) body, nothing is possible.

Unspecific symptoms when the mitochondria refuse to perform their duties, e. g:

  • high sensitivity to cold
  • mood fluctuations
  • Strong to very severe fatigue
  • low performance limit/fast exhaustion
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • high willingness to develop a tinnitus
  • Visual disturbances, etc.

A disturbed function of the mitochondria can have the following causes:

  1. deficiency of substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids)
    1. In the mitochondria Enzyme (proteins that act as catalysts for the conversion of substances) are involved in the various chemical reactions. These enzymes must naturally be present in sufficient quantities. Enzymes have to be assembled by the body first of all. If the components are missing, there are no enzymes.
    2. There are also (transport) substances, which are important for the fuel to reach the fuel cells at all, e. g. L-carnitine (known as fat burner from the sports sector). Its function is to introduce fatty acids into the mitochondria.
  2. enzyme blockages in the mitochondria by
    1. Overacidification of the organism due to mineral deficiency and acid-producing lifestyle. More about this later!
    2. toxic substances of any kind (heavy metals, microbes, toxins, etc.), which block the functioning of the enzymes in the mitochondria – if the enzymes are blocked, the nutrients can no longer be processed completely – as a result: weak performance of the mitochondria -> severe energy loss, thus again excessive acidification.
    3. Oxygen radicals or nitrogen radicals.  Keyword: nitrostress/oxidative stress.

Mitochondrial therapy

So, now I finally turn the book by Dr. Bodo Kuklinski, a Viennese physician who tries to get to the bottom of the cause of many chronic diseases. This book is written in a relatively medical way, but it has opened my eyes and I like to lend it to friends. Incidentally, in this book the terms Nitrostress/Oxidative Stressare very often used.

And how does this nitro stress and oxidative stress arise? Dr. Kuklinski explains it roughly as follows:

Due to antioxidant deficiency, stress of any kind (psychic nature but also a lot of the body’s own sources of stress, such as…): Infections/infections and the above mentioned causes (also in combination).

A circulation disorder of the brain – in most cases triggered by a slanting of the cervical vertebrae – is another reason for nitrostress, because it causes the body to produce more and more stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine) as an emergency programme for the production of metabolism.

But this should not be the case, because problems arise again from this emergency programme:

The increased metabolic rate results in more free radicals, which in this unusually high number are causing the nitrostress. In low concentrations, these are a normal component of energy production. The body normally also has enough resources to capture and neutralize these free radicals.

That this circulatory disorder in the brain is not exactly beneficial for a high level of performance does not have to be mentioned – I think – separately.

I’m assuming that some people already feel addressed because of the mention of cervical trauma. If you want to read more about this topic, I recommend Dr. Kuklinski’s book:

Now we know what’s wrong. But what is the solution?

    • First of all, it must be ensured that all building materials for the enzymes are available.
    • Additionally, it must be ensured that vitamins are not consumed by wrong nutrition.
    • Overacidification in the environment neutralize so that the enzymes can work properly.
    • stop poisoning to remove the blockade of enzymes


Low-carbohydrate diet / LOGI diet / LowCarb / Stone Age nutrition (Paleo diet)

In the case of mitochondriopathies, i. e. mitochondria with limited function or too few mitochondria, lactate is produced during energy production from carbohydrates. This leads to disruption of ATP formation. For energy production from glucose the body needs vitamin B1. Sugar/Sweetness is therefore a vitamin B1 predator, since sweets do not provide these vitamins. Vitamin B1 is particularly effective in carbohydrate metabolism, as it is used to break down glucose (glucose) in the cells. Especially for the brain and the nerves (Na ihr Burnout patients, a light comes up?) vitamin B1 is therefore needed. In the following paragraph on micronutrients I will explain that the entire vitamin B complex is very important in the treatment of mitochondriopathies.

LOGI-Kost means that only complex carbohydrates from vegetables may be eaten. Fruit should also be largely avoided. With complex carbohydrates, glucose levels rise slowly and the mitchondria have more time to process.


Acid-base balance

The fact that overacidified body does not work properly is nowadays known as “eco”. In addition to the right nutrition Base Powder. I also recommend my article Desacidification of the body.

Properties of alkaline minerals:

  • binding of acids.
  • bonding of heavy metals so that they can be excreted.
  • The minerals themselves are required both in the citric acid cycle and in the respiratory chain, without magnesium ADP cannot be converted to ATP.

If you want to know more about your body’s acid base budget, I recommend my article: Desacidification of the body


Whether it’s just eaten or taken from the fat cells, fat has to be introduced into the mitochondria so that it can be metabolized there. The body needs L-carnitine, which transports the fatty acids into the mitochondria. The word carnitine is not only known to you by chance, because this substance is mainly found in meat (“chili con carne”).

L-carnitine helps the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates as an alternative energy source. The intake of L-carnitine supplements is common in weight training.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also a very important factor for the structure of nerves. And who doesn’t know the advertisement that wants to make us believe that with Vitasprint B12 drinking ampoules we can increase our performance to an extremely high level. But it should be absorbed particularly well by the body when you suck it.

Vitamin B12 is required in addition to B1 for the conversion of glucose into pyruvate.

Without sufficient vitamin B12 and B1, the body is forced to metabolise the glucose with the help of fermentation.
Problem: The fermentation produces significantly less energy than the normal recovery in the mitochondria. In addition, more harmful acids are produced, one of the main reasons for acidification. That’s where fatigue comes from after eating.

Ach by the way, not only in this context have I discovered my interest in orthomolecular medicine. This book here in the striking green cover is also written by mitochondrial guru Dr. Bodo Kuklinski. Just click on the cover and read the reviews.

Sulphur (MSM):

Sulphur or MSM has a wide range of functions in the organism. Sulphur can normally be absorbed in sufficient quantities through food.

More on the subject:

sulphur is mainly required for the production of amino acids:

  • S-adenosylmethionine (SamE) is the most important factor for the methylation processes in the organism. Methylation plays an important role in energy production. Methylation is used to produce very important substances that are necessary for energy production. Especially glutathione is produced.
  • Methionine is important for the production of Q10. coenzyme Q10 is the most important electron transporter in the mitochondria and therefore indispensable for energy production. The coenzyme Q10 can also be supplemented.
  • Cysteine is essential for the production of L-carnitine in the organism. The importance of L-carnitine for energy supply has already been mentioned above.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Also Dr. Neidert, one of the few orthodox doctors who see burnout not only as a purely mental illness, considers these fatty acids to be an important component in the healing of burnout. Those affected are usually very impoverished by this important fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for structure of cell membranes. Without the omega-3 fatty acids component, the cell walls become inflexible, which means that cells and their mitochondria can only process nutrients inefficiently.

Emulsify fatty acids

In a functioning intestine, this is done by means of pancreas, bile, liver and a lot of energy. And yes yes, we didn’t get any of that, battery empty or power plants shut down. And that’s why mitochonders lack essential omega-3 fatty acids. But not only that. If no more fat is absorbed, then no more fat-soluble vitamins.

This leads to the next point:

Fat-soluble vitamins K and E

  • Vitamin K is essential for electron transport into the mitochondria, so that they can produce ATP (energy).
  • The antioxidant vitamin E protects the mitochondria from the free radicals produced during oxygen combustion in the respiratory chain.

Water-soluble vitamins: C, B1, B2, B3, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins, no matter what you eat: If energy is produced from them, it only works with B vitamins. It is not without reason that the vitamins of the B-complex are sold together in one preparation. They also work hand in hand.

Together with niacin and vitamin B6 vitamin C controls the production of L-carnitine, which is needed for fat burning in the musculature. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant.

These are the micronutrients required for mitochondrial therapy. And how do these micronutrients in the right quantities get into the cells to the mitochondria?

Regenerate intestinal flora

The digestion

Digestion - The way of food price
Digestion – The way of food price

The biggest hurdles are stomach and small intestine. If the mitochondria do not work properly, the stomach does not function properly due to salt deficiency and lack of folic acid and vitamin B12.  Worse still is that with nearly all “civilized” people the intestine is very strongly disturbed in its function due to miscolonisation of the intestinal flora. An inflammatory intestinal mucosa (destroyed intestinal villi) can only extract very little nutrients from the food mash.

Leaky Gut Syndrom

In addition, the intestinal mucous membrane becomes permeable to undesirable substances (allergens, toxins, microorganisms, etc.) and these substances keep the immune system on the go. This consumes a lot of ATP.

Intestinal flora reconstruction

Fibres, probiotics, Prebiotics as Inulin (), oligofructose etc. etc. etc. etc. If you want to know more, I recommend my article: Building intestinal flora

Moderate sports and fresh air

The cells or the body must be stimulated to form mitochondria again. They must know that they are needed. Temperate exercise sets the right stimuli. Too much sport, however, means again stress for the body, which in turn could endanger mitochondria. Well, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, that’s not necessary. But just a Mitochonder has enough trouble to get started at all. So: A little effort is necessary! You have to get the mitochondria moving, show them that you need them.

Happiness and restful sleep

But also for Depressive gilt: Sport makes you happy because the essential amino acid tryptophan finds its way into the brain better. This is used to produce serotonin (lucky hormone) or melatonin (sleeping hormone).


  1. Nutrition
    Low-carbohydrate diet / LOGI diet / LowCarb / Stone Age nutrition (Paleo diet). Increased fat intake. Increased salt intake.
  2. Micronutrients
    • Vitamin B
    • L-carnitine
    • basic minerals (deacidification of the body)
    • Fat-soluble vitamins
    • Sulfur
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B12 (Because of better absorption than injection or lozenges)
    • (emulsified) Omega 3 fatty acids
  3. Building intestinal flora and detoxification (Chlorella)
  4. Atlas-Correction (HWS-trauma)
  5. Moderate Sport
  6. Recreating Sleep

Adrenal weakness

On the website von Dr. Neidert, one of the few orthodox physicians who see burnout not only as a purely mental illness, the relationships between adrenal glands and the psyche are explained very nicely. So if you have such a doctor in your immediate vicinity who does not only focus on the psyche during burnout, you should go there.

Stresshormones are synthesized in the adrenal glands. In the case of prolonged overload, when these stress hormones have to be continuously produced, weakness may occur, which in turn is the cause of a burnout. The treatment approaches of mitochondrial therapy and those of Dr. Neidert are very similar. Then, of course, it is possible that the weakness of the adrenal gland is caused by a weakness of the mitochondria in the adrenal cells, right?

Here is another book recommendation:


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