Irritable bowel – Domesticated intestine demystified

Irritable Bowel Treatment

From probiotics such as Kijimea & Co., Iberogast, Perenterol, St. John’s wort, healing earth, flea seed shells, peppermint oil to naturopathic methods such as osteopathy and acupuncture. If you know exactly the cause (s) of your irritable bowel and your symptoms, you will also find the right treatment: Irritable Bowel Treatment>.

Nutrition for irritable bowels

Whoever thinks that what goes through the intestine every day has no effect on the intestines lives in Wolkenkuckucksheim. You can find out here what you should pay attention to when eating irritable bowels: Irritable bowel nutrition

Irritable Bowel Causes & Symptoms

The symptoms that most people already know are as varied and individual as the symptoms are: Irritable bowel Causes & Symptoms.

The mysticism of the irritable bowel

I definitely count the irritable bowel as a civilization disease. Our “civilization” has a strong influence on us.


On the one hand, there is the nutrition: too much carbohydrates, too little vitamins, too little minerals, too much meat, too much industrially processed, too little fibre, too little water, etc. On the other hand, there is the diet.


And then we don’t have enough exercise, we call it sport. In the past, movement was simply part of life.


And now comes something we have too much of: Stress. And why is that? We have too little time and too much to do at the same time. Then there is psychological pressure on us, once from society, through an extreme understanding of roles and the pressure we put on ourselves. Then there are the superiors and bosses, who demand more and more.

Infernal trio

If it were just the diet, I would claim that it could still go somehow well, if the diet was not extremely one-sided/grotty. Nowadays we do everything wrong that can only be done wrong.

That takes revenge.


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