Intestinal flora restoration
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Intestinal flora restoration

A intestinal remediation should always consist of 3 phases. Phase 1 is the intestinal cleansing and Phase 2 is the construction of the intestinal flora of the small intestine and Phase 3 is the construction of the intestinal flora of the colon. You can smooth the transition with Intermediate phase.

With core renovation of a building, a lot of work has to be done before you can start building. And I’m not talking about the mysterious cinders. I’m talking about pathogenic germs that need to be removed.

You can now jump directly to Intestinal cleaning or to my Intestinal_cleaning instruction. If you are only interested in the recipe of my intestinal cleanser, go directly to the recipe here: Intestinal cleaner. However, the following sections about the background of my intestinal remediation will be very interesting for you.

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When and why is intestinal remediation necessary?

Darmsanierung: Darmreinigung mit Oregano Öl & Flohsamenschalen / Darmaufbau mit Probiotikum und Flohsamenschalen
intestinal remediation: intestinal cleansing with oregano oil & psyllium shells / intestinal reconstruction with probiotic in powder form and psyllium shells

If you landed here, it’s because you have a Irritable bowel, inexplicable Drinkle diarrhoea or flatulence. Besides, your immune system is going crazy? Ever had a cold? Sinuses dense? Sense of smell gone? Skin diseases? Everything looks familiar. Do you have the presumption or confirmation from an intestinal flora analysis that you have dysbiosis? Clostridia? Candida? Of the good lactobacilli and bifidobacteria too little? And maybe it seems to you as if what you have eaten is no longer properly digested? Have you recently swallowed antibiotics?

Where does dysbiosis of the intestinal flora come from?

One requires the other. There’s not one cause. You get sick because you don’t live healthily, eat too much meat and sweets or don’t move enough. At this moment the intestinal flora of both the diarrhea and the small intestine is no longer healthy. The immune system is no longer strong enough and at the next infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, the fire accelerator, which finally stops good intestinal bacteria.

Clostridia? Candida?

The physiological intestinal flora now finally makes room for pathogenic germs, which can now spread even more. You like eating meat? Then it will probably tend to be the clostridia that spread. You like to eat candy? Welcome Candida Albicans, make yourself comfortable.

colon bacteria enter the small intestine. With intestinal remediation, they can be pushed back again.
Small intestine colonization: The “non-return valve” can be broken through by flatulence in the large intestine and colon bacteria can enter the small intestine.

Is the digestion disturbed?

If the colon flora is disturbed, excessive gas formation can cause colon bacteria or dysbiosis to spread to the small intestine. Usually there is a mechanism to prevent this. If the pressure from the colon is too high, the “non-return valve” will no longer function properly. This results in colonization of the small intestine.

Digestive disorders

Digestion no longer works properly. All the substances that like Clostridia, Candida or other pathogenic germs so much now migrate in large quantities into the colon, which means that they can continue to proliferate – whether Candida was the beginning or the Clostridia.

Another negative effect of a disturbed digestion is that important nutrients and vital substances are not absorbed. Unfortunately also substances such as biotin (vitamin B7), which is important for the skin or mucous membrane or intestinal mucosa. Particularly now, when it is exposed to particularly strong attacks by pathogenic germs, there is a lack of important vital substances. Therefore, it may be useful to provide the body with more than usual, such as through these tablets:BIotin at Amazon

Symptoms of colonization of the small intestine

Normally lactase is produced by thin intestinal mucous membrane so that lactose can be digested properly and absorbed by the small intestine. If the mucosa of the small intestine is continuously irritated by bacteria (which should not normally be there), the entire digestive system is disturbed and important enzymes are no longer produced. Thus (without lactase) the symptoms of lactose intolerance will quickly appear.

Also the other digestive enzymes, e. g. the pancreas or the bile of the liver no longer function properly. Proteins and carbohydrates are not digested properly and end up in the colon as food for pathogenic germs. The Clostridien wait for the proteins, which as anaerobic bacteria (they don’t like oxygen) prefer to live in the colon. The notorious Candida Albicans is waiting for sugar and carbohydrates.

Oh yes, the stool is no longer dark brown due to bad digestion. But light stool should also be discussed with a doctor to rule out liver damage or other things.

Chewing and digestion support

I have written about it with one of my readers (article from him: Depressions & Darmflora). After a long period of yoghurt production and extreme yoghurt consumption, he feels that it is also the digestive power that needs to be strengthened. By good, extensive chewing, additional gastric acid by appropriate supplementation, little stress, digestive enzyme. He also referred to the books and theories of Batmanghelidj, whose book“You’re not sick, you’re thirsty” has already been read by me twice.

I can still recommend to support the weakened digestive system by not eating too much in the evening. In the evening the digestive power is limited anyway and the calories consumed are no longer burned. The best thing to do in the evening is not eating at all: Dinner Cancelling

Drink plenty of water, don’t forget salt

Batmanghelidj describes that stomach or hydrochloric acid cannot be produced by the body if salt and water are absent. Therefore you should drink enough water and consume an appropriate amount of salt, because you lose water and salt due to diarrhoea or thin/muddy stool.

Bowel remediation only with intestinal cleansing

I have made an experience with certainty: If Clostridien or Candida have spread first of all, change of diet and probiotics are not enough or it simply takes too long to rebuild the intestinal flora. Unfortunately, none of the doctors consulted helped me. “You’re a man of strength!”.

But also the experiences of my reader are coherent. However, I am of the opinion that good chewing and strengthening of digestion as well as avoiding stress are not enough.

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Intestinal Cleaner with water. Mix and drink flea seed shells and oregano oil.Phase 1: Intestinal cleansing at home (instructions)

I am particularly concerned here with the small intestine, which has to be cleansed so that it can take over its task of “digestion” again to 100%. If digestion works again, only the substances that feed the good intestinal flora in the colon arrive.

Let’s start with bowel cleansing. How does bowel cleansing work? Intestinal cleansing at home (instructions)


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Intermediate phase: intestinal cleansing and intestinal structure

In the meantime, I have been using morning my intestinal cleanser for one week and evening just before going to bed my Intestinal flora Cocktail (Level 1) drunk.

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Building up small intestine floraPhase 2: Bowel structure (small intestine)

After the bowels are cleaned. And in the best case all pathogenic germs have been killed and/or excreted, the beneficial intestinal bacteria must find their way back into the intestine. You can learn how to build up your small intestinal flora, which consists mainly of lactobacilli, here: intestinal compositions>.

You can find a very large overview of all offered probiotics here: Buy probiotics

The next step is to build up the colon flora. In the large intestine there is much more biodiversity than in the small intestine, but also less oxygen:


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Build up intestinal flora (large intestine)Phase 3: Build up intestinal flora (large intestine)

Once the small intestinal flora has returned and the digestive system has returned, the intestinal flora should be built up. How you can do this and which probiotics & prebiotics you can use: Building intestinal flora.

You can find a very large overview of all offered probiotics here: Buy probiotics


The right nutrition

Clostridia is still low in meat, fish, eggs and a lot of fibre and carbohydrates. With Candida you should avoid everything that Candida Albicans likes: carbohydrates, but you should eat a lot of vegetables. However, in order to support digestion and relieve the intestines, you should eat very little in the evening. The best would be dinner cancelling: Dinner Cancelling.

Oregano Oil Capsules against Sin

In the summer, when I threw my belovedWeber Grill and ate properly meat again, I threw in 1 capsule of oregano oil capsules at the same time, so that the Clostridia can’t have a party. The same should apply to Candida. If you just sin a capsule of oregano oil after. (Effect of oregano oil)


Please leave a comment if you have experience in this area. Have you successfully built your Darmflora and want to share your Experience with others? You can also contact me write, so that I can publish your success story . Others need your experience, your confidence and hope. Contact form




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