My intestinal cleansing cure:
Guidance for intestinal cleansing @home

  • Intestinal Cleaner with water. Mix and drink flea seed shells and oregano oil.Which intestinal cleansing is right for me?
  • Which ingredients cause a natural intestinal cleansing?
  • How can I do it?
  • How long does natural intestinal cleansing take?
  • Do I have to watch my diet?

I would like to answer these questions in this manual.

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Our (small) intestine cleans itself

The small intestine cleanses itself after the digestive process if you leave enough time between meals. (Similar to the stomach, but there the process becomes noticeable as stomach rumbling. So if you hear rumbling stomach rumbles, support the cleansing process by drinking proper water.
The small intestine works fast, the colon is sluggish, which is why there are deposits in the colon.
Self-cleaning of the small intestine is not a disinfection program that kills harmful bacteria.
Correct reading: Self-cleaning of the small intestine is not a disinfection program. If one suffers from a colonization of the small intestine, harmful germs must be displaced/rubbed out or inhibited/killed. The small intestine normally cannot do this itself.

I would like to report on my experience with intestinal cleansing in the form of a manual for intestinal cleansing. The center of my bowel cleansing consists of my intestinal cleanser. As described below, I have found some studies that have led me to “invent” this mixture of flea seed and oregano oil, or I have copied it from the commercial intestinal cleansers that are made of these ingredients but are simply too expensive for me.

This bowel cleansing has helped me and some others to normalize the bowel movements. I look forward to your feedback!

Care for a bowel cleansing regimen?!

I don’t want to worry anyone, but the following video was sometimes decisive for me to cleanse my intestine. Here you get an idea that a bad intestine can damage the whole organism:


Intestinal cleansing after antibiotics

Antibiotics favour the bad bacteria because they kill the good, more sensitive intestinal bacteria. The natural antibiotic oregano oil favours the good bacteria (effect of oregano oil), that’s what I call balancing justice. After my positive experience with intestinal cleansing, I will carry out a general intestinal cleansing in the future, if I have taken an antibiotic.

Intestinal Cleansing from TOP to Bottom


Now imagine that you have a cleaning agent that first wipes the floors and sucks the carpets and only then dusts the cabinets, paintings, etc., off. LAMP or SLUDGE! Does he/she want to wipe/suck a second time after the “top” parts have been dusted off? You clean from top to bottom. That’s logical, isn’t it? For the sake of completeness, I would like to introduce you to several possibilities of intestinal cleansing before I present you with my own recipe.

Possibilities of intestinal cleansing

There are different ways to cleanse the bowels, and here they come:

The enema

It can’t work with one enema alone. You clean from top to bottom, not the other way around. In comparison to colon-hydrotherapy, a simple enema does not help mechanically (by means of abdominal massage).

If you want to try it, do yourself a favor and don’t use the standard enema () but try a In-line Bulb Enema syringe like this one from  AmazonAd instead.

Klyso pumps are relatively unknown, but you have much more control over the amount of fluid you pump into your colon. Also, you don’t have to pay attention to gravity either, because your pump pumps the liquid into the intestine by hand. In other words, you don’t have to go into any cramped positions.

How often? Everyone has to decide that for themselves. A session should consist of several inlets to achieve a cleanliness effect.

My experience? After a brief feeling of cleanliness, everything is as before. How is an enema supposed to help? The large intestine consists of an ascending, horizontal and descending part. In my opinion, it is unlikely that the enema will penetrate into the ascending part. But I will gladly let myself be instructed otherwise.

Colon Hydro Therapy

With a colon-hydrotherapy this would be more likely. In colon-hydrotherapy, too, only the colon and not the small intestine is cleansed. But: After the food porridge has passed through, the small intestine does cleanse itself, the large intestine does not. Colonic hydrotherapy really makes sense for the colon because the water rinses out the entire colon. Colon-Hydrotherapy is the only way to effectively remove encrusted faeces from the colon in a relatively short period of time.

However, it is negative that the cost of colon-hydrotherapy per session is 75 EUR or more, you have to show a stranger (the non-medical practitioner) his or her intimacy. But at least the colon is cleansed of faecal deposits. However, several colon hydrotherapy sessions are necessary.

Glauber’s salt (sodium sulphate)

More like my taste. Everything is “shaved out”from top to bottom. Everything? No, a small population of nasty bacteria hides between the intestinal villi, the bends, wrinkles, etc. and resists. I guess the only thing that helps is my intestinal cleansing regimen. :-)

But yes, we work systematically from top to bottom. Just not careful! As an initial first step of intestinal cleansing is not bad.

Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate)

Epsom salt, like Glauber’s salt, is stool-softening and thus has a laxative effect and is mainly used against blockages. Glauber’s salt, as far as I know, has a stronger effect than Epsom salt.

Intestinal cleansing from the pharmacy / Amazon

The following preparations for intestinal cleansing are available as powders. I have to admit that it is certainly less complicated to use these pre-finished intestinal cleaners instead of my intestinal cleanser.

These intestinal cleaners were mentioned in the original German article:

  • Intestinal Cleansing Simple Clean – 4 weeks
    Intestinal Cleansing Simple Clean – 4 weeks “is only a combination of different products: flea seed husks, bentonite and Combi Flora SymBIO. I’m better at putting together products. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at here* .
  • Colon ex sounds like moneymaking to me. The ingredients make little sense to me. For the sake of completeness:Colon Ex* .
  • Colon Plus (Amazon* ): This intestinal cleanser was very inspiring for me. If you look into it, you will get a lot of positive information about the ingredients.
  • Koriander (Koriander Oil* ) with its most important component Linalool I will keep an eye on and soon I will include it in my cocktails.
  • Total Colon Care: AProduct* from the USA with a colorful mixture of ingredients. I can’t judge the effectiveness.
  • Herbal Colon Cleanse:positive reviews* , but I understand bowel cleansing as more than intestinal emptying.

My intestinal cleansing cure

Flea seed husks and oregano oil

I have taken a look at the components of the finished intestinal cleanser to make my own “cheap” intestinal cleanser. Two ingredients were particularly interesting and another experience worthwhile: oregano oil and flea shells.

The effect of oregano oil

The effect of oregano oil is contained in this article: Effect of oregano oil. Here you can find detailed information.

Executive summary:

On the basis of the studies I mentioned there and the successful “yoghurt experiment”, it can be summarized briefly that oregano oil apparently (the indications are very clear) mainly inhibits or kills the harmful bacteria and the helpful bacteria such as lactobacilli are not inhibited and can continue to multiply. Finally, an antibiotic that doesn’t decimate the good intestinal bacteria. The article is worthwhile. Why don’t you read it at times? Oregano oil effect

These results were enough for me, but I needed a carrier material that was also found in the commercial intestinal cleaners: flea seed shells

Flea seed husks: mop, dispenser and food for bifidobacteria

  • Clostridia and fungi are spore formers and we want to get rid of these spores. Psyllium seed husks swell through water and thus reach the smallest corners of the small intestine (but also the large intestine, but you have to take the psyllium seeds for a longer time). There, the flea seed shells wipe over the intestinal mucosa like a slimy gelatinous mass (wiping mop) and wipe away the spores.
  • Flea seed shells are also able to bind toxins to themselves as dietary fibres.
  • Every means of transport to every part of the intestine needs an effective distributor. If you take oregano oil only with water, it slips too quickly and cannot develop its effect on the intestinal mucosa. But especially on the intestinal mucosa are the harmful bacteria/fungi or their spores.
  • Last but not least, the “slimy” polysaccharides (multiple sugars) of the flea seed shells benefit the bifidobacteria in the colon, because they also want to be fed once in a while.

Experiment: Put a little flea seed shells in a glass and pour a little water after it. The gelatinous mass that forms then you will hardly get out of the jar. :-)

Another point for psyllium husks as a carrier substance: This study gives an indication that irritable bowels can be successfully treated with psyllium husks.

Intestine Cleaning Recipe

Mein Darmreiniger aus Flohsamenschalen, Wasser und Oregano Öl
My intestinal cleanser made of flea seed shells, water and oregano oil
  1. Put 1-3 teaspoons of psyllium husks (hier* ) into a glass. At first I only took one teaspoon, now I take up to three.
  2. 1 drop of oregano oil. I took this from Athina (german AmazonAd ) but this is another good one: AmazonAd . It is a little more expensive, but has a very high Carvacrol content. But let me tell you, one drop is enough. Oregano oil is also relatively hot if you take too little water. Depending on the amount of psyllium husks, I took more oregano oil later on. More psyllium husks? More water? More oregano oil. There were up to 5 drops in it. Everyone has to decide that for themselves.
  3. Fill with water, stir and drink.
  4. Fill up a second time with water and drink again.
  5. Did you take more than a teaspoonful of psyllium husks? Have another glass of water. When taking flea seed shells, always drink plenty of water. It is even said to cause bowel obstruction if you don’t drink enough water. I don’t understand, though.
  6. After 1-2 hours you can take 4 Bentonit capsules with a lot of water. ( AmazonAd ). But I trusted in the ability of psyllium husks to bind toxins to themselves.
    Why not simultaneously? Bentonite/healing clay should absorb all kinds of toxins like a sponge. I don’t assume that bentonite is selective and makes a difference. Oregano oil may also be bound. Oregano oil is too expensive for such experiments, even though it is very productive. I also see the disadvantage of the “ready-mixed” intestinal cleansers. Some ingredients should simply not be taken at the same time.

At this point I would like to thank Oliver for the message he sent me his prescription of Manuka Honey Intestinal Cleanser. Admittedly, Manuka honey is certainly not the cheapest, but if it took him only 3 days to get rid of Clostridium perfringens, then he is worth his money, if not gold.

Intestinal Cleansing Recipe II (My Favourite)

  1. 3 teaspoons of psyllium husks in a glass.
  2. Fill with milk
  3. stirring
  4. Add 3 drops of oregano oil. (On my own responsibility, but I’ll take 3.)
  5. Stir it!
  6. Drink fast!
    Background: Oil/grease normally floats on water, but I want the oregano oil to spread evenly in the carrier fluid. As an emulsion, milk has the best conditions. After stirring, the oregano oil no longer floats on the flea seed husk-milk mixture.

Why 3 drops of oregano oil?

In the yoghurt experiment, this quantity was not enough to inhibit yoghurt bacteria culture, let alone kill it.
The mixture is still bearable to swallow.


I drank these intestinal cleaners in the morning on an empty stomach, immediately after getting up and in the evening before going to bed. Since breakfast in the morning and my sleep have always been very important to me, I have not always taken it very strictly with bentonite and have often stopped taking it.

A certain time lag to important medications or even birth control pills should also be observed. After all, the intestinal cleansing is about excreting something.

How long?

Internet forums are usually used to talk about a week to 10 days. I had decided to go through the intestinal cleansing phase for 2-3 weeks, because the success in the studies mentioned above did not stop until after 3 weeks and birds (such as the chickens from the study mentioned above) have a faster metabolism than humans.

But when it comes to removing old faeces from the colon. It is advisable to consume the psyllium husks for several months. Since their effect is rather gentle and the faeces are removed step by step. Colon hydrotherapy works faster.


A very striking appearance was the shape of the chair. Since the psyllium peel gelatinous mass adapts to the small intestine, you can follow the shape of your small intestine on your chair. Phenomenal! It can also cause bowel movements more frequently.

Build up intestinal flora

Building up small intestine flora

The next step should be to focus on the 2nd phase, the intestinal structure, especially of the small intestine: intestinal structure.

Please leave a comment if you have experience in this area. Have you successfully built up your intestinal flora and want to share your experience with others? You can also write to me so that I can publish your success story. Others need your experience, your confidence and hope. To the contact form







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