Condyloma treatment
removing genital warts

wart-removalcondylomata acuminata can be counted in my opinion among the sexually transmitted diseases. Infection with HPV occurs through vaginal, anal and oral sex without condom. The joint use of sex toys without condoms (lubrication infection) should also be avoided. Genital warts are transmitted via skin and mucous membrane contact.

infectious genital warts

Condylomas are highly contagious. At the same time, the incubation time, i. e. the time between infection and the first symptoms, can be very long. Often there are no symptoms at all. A weak immune system is not conducive, so use Darmfloraaufbau and Desacidification of the body.

Genital warts Characteristics/symptoms

Genital warts are benign skin growths. But how do you recognize them? It is easy to detect genital warts if you know the characteristics:

  • small
  • mostly white
  • size of a pinhead.
  • mostly single
  • sometimes in cauliflower-like formations
  • No pain
  • Jucken
  • sometimes secreting malodorous secretion.
  • Frequently light bleeding

Which doctor will help me with genital warts?

Women go to Gynecologist and men go to Urologist.

Condylomas in the genital area


  • on penis shaft
  • Shine of the pubis
  • foreskin
  • acre
  • Am and in the anus
  • the urethra
  • or even in the rectum
  • on the mouth


  • at the labia minora (big and small)
  • at the vaginal entrance
  • divorce
  • Shine of the pubis
  • Damm
  • on the After
  • in the rectum
  • above the cervix
  • on the mouth

Genital warts and cancer

In the worst case, the latter can lead to malignant cervical cancer depending on the type of virus. But also condylomas or figgoods-knot at the anus can lead to an anal carcinoma. About cancer: There are high risk and low risk virus types. The type of nipple is not recognizable, so it is always advisable to be prepared for the worst and not to take nipples lightly.

Can genital warts disappear by themselves? In most cases the immune system is too weak, which is why genital warts do not recede on their own. Although this happens.

Genital warts at the mouth

As I said before, genital warts are transmitted sexually. Friends of fellatio and cunnilingus or blisters and licking will have to worry about the fact that genital warts make little difference in the location of the infestation. They also like to spread at the mouth. The corners of the mouth and the mucous membrane of the mouth are also affected by genital warts.

How long infectious?

When the genital warts are treated, 20 – 70% of patients relapses after 6 months. So I wouldn’t take the risk and try to avoid it. In this case, prevention means: NO SEX, because condoms are of little help here. As long as you’re not cured, you’re still contagious. A half-yearly inspection is advisable. Prevention through vaccination would make sense. php. php

Treatment of genital warts

The treatment used depends on the size and location of the infection. External genital warts can also be treated on their own. There are two different approaches to cars therapy:

  • Attack the virus by
    • das immune system is strengthened and stimulated.
    • das growth of the nipple cells is suppressed.
  • The genital warts are chemotherapeutic or surgical removed.

There are special solutions, ointments and creams. In these agents following active ingredients are used:

  • miquimod
    • From the group of antivirals
    • To stimulate the body’s own immune cells. These then take action against the viruses.
    • The successor is Resiquimod. Resiquimod is still under development and is not yet in use.
  • interferon
    • interferons are immunostimulant, especially antiviral and antitumor proteins.
  • Podophyllotoxin
    Inhibits the growth of genital warts cells.

Remove genital warts with household remedies

  • tea tree oil:
    The essential oil from the Australian tea tree is antiviral and can be used in addition to conventional medicine. Tea tree oil should be applied at least three times a day. Tea tree oil is naturally lipophilic as an oil and, like ointments and creams, absorbs well into the skin. Always wash your hands afterwards to prevent the spread of viruses.
  • A mixture of salt and cider vinegar:
    Mix the cider vinegar (cloudy and high quality) with a little salt. You can add tea tree oil. If you now put the mixture on a cotton swab, you can fix this cotton swab with a plaster on the nipple.
  • immune system with vitamins and plenty of sleep strengthen and the build up intestinal flora.

With internal condyloma the doctor must help. A doctor also has other means at his disposal.

  • The physician can apply trichloroacetic acid to etch the corneal nipple away
  • The doctor can freeze the candle wart with liquid nitrogen.
  • The doctor can use a scalpel to cut out the corneal wart.
  • Medium Laser or electrotherapy the nipple can be removed.


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