Dinner Cancelling – Experiences & Successes

Why Dinner Cancelling?


  • Dinner Cancelling relieves the intestine. An aspect that I find particularly important.
  • The Rules of Dinner Canceling are simple, no real diet plan or scoring.
  • There should be Anti-Aging effect. (The explanation is logical, section: Anti-Aging)
    • It influences hormone secretion.
  • Dinner cancelling is healthy.
  • …. is more or less like Decreasing in sleep.
  • …. promotes a healthy sleep.
  • Dinner Cancelling influences the metabolism.
  • …. has a positive influence on immune system.
  • For those who can’t stop eating until the third plate is empty, it’s usually easier to eat nothing than to stop.
  • Straight in the evening is sinned
  • In the evenings, calories are hardly consumed because you move less.
  • You’ll learn again what’s right Hunger.
    • In return, you get to know saturation again: you’re used to being full.
    • Training: Mind about body!
  • flat abdomen in the morning
  • No prohibitions in the choice of food.

There must be something about it, because otherwise there wouldn’t be these familiar proverbs:

  • “Leave dinner to your enemies” is an ancient Chinese proverb pronounced over 3000 years ago by a wise Chinese man.
  • “In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king, in the evening like a beggar”, you certainly know the proverb.

What speaks against Dinner Cancelling?


  • The first few days are hard as nails
  • The resulting hunger can develop into a full-grown ravenous hunger. This is the danger and the criticism.
  • It is anti-social, for example, if you don’t have dinner with your family, drink only water on appointments or in the worst case, don’t even make an appointment.

What is Dinner Cancelling?

The idea behind Dinner Cancelling is quite simple to explain: You leave out dinner as often as possible during the week.

Dinner Cancelling Rules – How does Dinner Cancelling work?

The rules are very flexible and as individual as you like. While some people don’t eat anything from 2 p. m. onwards, some of them only eat a little something in the evenings. Since I already eat at work at 12-13 o’ clock, I do a rather extreme form of dinner cancelling at least on weekdays. Some eat an apple, a banana or something similar until 4 p. m. or shortly before. But there are different variations, so here is a short list of the possibilities you have for dinner cancelling.

Basic rules / There is no diet plan!

Pick out whatever suits you. The stricter, the fewer calories, the greater the effect, but in case of poor nutrition, the more likely you are to eat too little of important substances for your body.

  • No meal after 4 p. m. / 5 p. m.No meal after 4 p. m. / 5 p. m. or at least 14 hours no meal between dinner and breakfast.
  • Another source talks about not eating at least 14h before getting up.
  • Eat nothing from 2 pm no more. (That’s how I do it, or I always eat between 12 and 13 o’ clock, which is very hard.)
  • Lunch possible until 4 p. m. (If it already takes place at 12 p. m., then it is just like that.) Afterwards there is nothing more.
  • Some people eatin the evening a little something. (Caution, you are tempted. It doesn’t work for everyone!)

Dinner Cancelling is therefore very flexible, so that everyone can choose the right variant for him/her. It is clear that the fewer calories, the better. And the less carbohydrates at all, the better for the hormonal effect > section Effect of Dinner Cancelling.

How often a week?

There are several possibilities. In the following order from top to bottom it becomes more extreme/stricter.

  1. Consequent 2-3 times a week.
  2. Monday to Thursday Dinner Cancelling, Friday and weekend enjoy and be human.
  3. Eat normally only on Friday and Saturday evenings. Most of the evenings take place on Friday and Saturday. So you can cancel your dinner on Sunday evening.
  4. every day Dinner Cancelling, Exception: Appointments or other special occasions.
  5. 14 days initial for 14 days every day Dinner Cancelling to achieve quick successes. Then like 1-4.
  6. Every day without exception.

I sway between 3 and 4, by the way, and I take my hat off to everyone who, as in point 6, omits dinner every day. Chapeau!

What can you eat?

In principle, you can eat whatever you want. However, the goal is to eat as healthy as possible and preferably at noon LowCarb, that is: little carbohydrates. I myself have experienced that after only 2 extravagant dinners, you eat less and take the feeling of satiety better and more seriously. On top of that, you pay more attention to what you eat. The latter has to do with the fact that in the end you only have 2 instead of 3 possibilities for food intake, so you don’t want to take any garbage.

Tips and hints

What can you do to endure or decimate the feeling of hunger?

  • Much drinking
  • Trink herbal teas: Peppermint tea, Greek mountain tea, chamomile, etc.
  • Drink 1 glass of water with 2 teaspoons Flohsamenschalen and pour 2 more glasses of water directly afterwards. The swelling capacity of psyllium husks is enormous and your belly will be filled at least in volume. The psyllium husks also have a soothing effect on your intestinal mucosa. Perhaps you should use the Dinner Cancelling directly for a Intestinal Cleansing , or even for a complete Intestinal Cleansing.
  • If your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever spontaneously cooks your favourite meal, be happy to take it to work the next day! Spaghetti taste better the next day anyway?; -) (While I’m writing this article, that’s exactly what happens. : – ()
  • In the evenings I take 2 more anti acid pills () go to sleep, because I am convinced that fat loss also releases acids bound in the fat, if they are not buffered, sleep is less restful. More on the subject: Desacidification of the body
  • If the body produces more gastric acid due to hunger, I also enjoy taking 2 Bullrich Vital. And if someone is cooking something that smells good, it’s not just the water in your mouth that is boiling over, but also the stomach acid.


How fast does Dinner Cancelling work?

I will list all the successes I have researched on the internet. Dinner cancelling works differently at different speeds due to the different, individual metabolism:

How much weight loss? (success reports)

  • 5 kg in 6 weeks
  • 22 kg in 1 year
  • 13.8 kg in 3 months
  • 10 kg in 2 1/2 months
  • 12 kg in 4 months
  • 20 kg in 3 months (with very strict Dinner Cancelling: from 2 p. m. no more food, 3-4 L water daily, dinner only on holidays or special occasions)
  • 1.5 kg in 5 days (no more food after 4 pm)

Dinner cancelling can therefore be expected to result in a reduction of up to 1 kg per week!

How does Dinner Cancelling actually work?

What does Dinner Cancelling do?

The question should not be “What causes Dinner Cancelling?”, but “Which substances work during Dinner Cancelling?

The older you get, the less hormones are released and some are responsible for the regeneration of the body. Hunger stimulates production of the growth hormone somatropin and the “sleep hormone” melatonin. These hormones are secreted especially at night, and if not eaten. Combine! Combine! If you do the calorie reduction mainly in the evening, you sleep and regenerate better.

Criticism of Dinner Cancelling

Some critics are of the opinion that dinner cancelling only works because of the calorie reduction and that one can therefore also skip breakfast or lunch. As far as calorie reduction is concerned, it’s almost true.

Arguments against it:

  • The hormone synthesis caused by calorie reduction is higher in the evening / at night and the effect is therefore more intense
  • Straight in the evening we sin on the couch by adding chips, sweets & co. to ourselves.

Now let’s move on to hormones.


Due to hunger, especially lack of glucose, the body has to release less insulin. However, in order to continue to have energy available, the pituitary gland synthesizes the growth hormone Somatropin (HGH), which promotes fat combustion and is opponent of the insulin. Somatropin is concentrated differently during the course of the day and is mainly secreted after midnight. Dinner cancelling further increases concentration. Through evening binge drinking and feeding rush the opposite happens, but this is only one of the causes of an unresting “alcohol sleep”.

Somatropin effect

The effect of somatropin is very convincing.

  • Increased lipid metabolism
    • Increased Fat Combustion
    • fat loss / lipolysis: release of triglycerides from fat cells
  • Increased muscle build-up / anabolic effect in protein metabolism:
    • increase amino-acid uptake
    • increase protein synthesis
    • deceleration of protein oxidation
  • Somatropin increases blood sugar level (by glycogenolysis)
  • Estimates the immune system
  • General repairs
Somatropin deficiency

can be recognized, for example, by

  • increased body fat mass
  • reduced muscle mass
  • reduced bone mineral density


Melatonin is mainly produced in the pineal gland from serotonin, but also in the intestine and the retina, especially in darkness. The melatonin level rises slowly at night and the maximum melatonin concentration is reached at about 2-4 o’ clock.

  • Melatonin is a metabolic product of tryptophan metabolism. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. (Essential means that it cannot be produced by the body itself.)
  • The formation of melatonin is inhibited by light. Elderly people have less melatonin at their disposal than young people.
  • An empty stomach stimulates the brain to produce more melatonin, which is consistent with the general experience that one sleeps better with an empty stomach than with a full one.
Melatonin effect

Without melatonin, no sleep and no deep sleep phase is possible, in which the growth hormone somatropin is released and the body begins with its repairs.

  • important for biorhythm (nutritional supplements for jetlag and sleep disorders), so timer
  • reduces the body temperature
  • antioxidant
  • mainly responsible for downregulating physical processes
    • the sex hormone secretion was reduced
    • the adrenal cortex and gonads work slower

Effect of Dinner Cancelling

  • Enhanced regeneration
  • Recreationist because of deeper sleep
  • results from this: Better appearance & higher quality of life
  • More money (who eats less must buy less)

Dinner Cancelling and the Gut

Fasting in the evening gives the intestine, which does not achieve maximum performance in the evening and at night, a little rest for regeneration. It strengthens your digestive system. And if everything is digested better in the small intestine, the colon flora gets less undigested and can normalize by preventing pathogenic germs from multiplying. (Article: Intestinal remediation)

Dinner Cancelling and Anti Aging?

Anti-aging, as one generally thinks, can only be achieved by the addition of substances that are lacking in the body, such as vitamins, antioxidants, etc. and, of course, a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise . But sometimes it is better to leave out something that the body does not necessarily need and by this I don’t just mean little drugs/alcoholic alcohol/cigars but much more: calories that it doesn’t burn in the evening. If the lack of calories in the form of carbohydrates also increases the body’s own synthesis performance for the growth hormone somatropin and for melatonin, one could already assume an anti-aging effect behind it.

Studies/animal experiments

In animal experiments on laboratory rats in the 1930s McCay et al. were able to demonstrate that a calorie reduction of 30% increased the average survival time of the laboratory animals by about 50%. In addition to lowering the calories and the associated low insulin level, a calorie reduction causes reduced release of free radicals (oxidative stress) in the mitochondria (cell power plants). These can recover better during this period of calorie reduction, which is why you feel more energy through dinner cancelling, although you have less of it. (See also my blog article on Mitochondrial therapy)

On the Japanese island Okinawa the inhabitants eat 30% less calories than the other Japanese people. It is noticeable that they suffer to 35% less from heart diseases or malignant tumors. Okinawa’s inhabitants are also getting relatively old. On Okinawa there are many hundreds of years old.


In hunger phases, the body has to decide which cells are to be kept alive and which are to be recycled due to “lack of raw materials”. Any mechanism in the body causes the planned cell death (apoptosis) of malignant or useless cells. In nature, only the healthy and strong animals/organisms survive in periods of drought. It also takes place in the organisms themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Who can do Dinner Cancelling?

I’d like to say now that everyone can do dinner cancelling without exception. Some gynaecologists and midwives would rightly scream out loudly. You know what I’m getting at, don’t you? Pregnant women should not have dinner cancelling without asking their doctor, because they have something under their heart that needs to be supplied with nutrients and energy around the clock.

On the other hand, especially in the third world there are many births of emaciated mothers. Since it can’t be so harmful with us, when a mother-to-be eats well and healthy all day long and in the evening can eat the evening meal?

How long should you do dinner cancelling?

There is nothing to be said against doing dinner cancelling for life. But you will notice very early on that you develop into an antisocial creature when you go through dinner cancelling 24/7 throughout your life. But to do 2-3 days of regular Dinner Cancelling during the week is a sensible way to health and the desired figure.

Who has experience with Dinner Cancelling?

Further up, I’ve listed Successes some people who have expressed themselves on the internet. On the Internet there are positive and negative opinions about Dinner Cancelling, as there are about every topic. However, it seems to have been felt in such a way that those who have not yet tried it or who have simply not shown enough consistency will find negative words to it.

How often should you have Dinner Cancelling?

As often as possible per week. In this case, it really does help a lot. But you should rather find a rhythm that suits your life than give up too soon. Above I have listed a few ideas: How often Dinner Cancelling?

How does Dinner Cancelling work?

See: What does Dinner Cancelling do?

What can you eat?
What can I eat?

See Section.

How does dinner cancelling work?

See Dinner Cancelling Rules.

Wie effektiv ist Dinner Cancelling?

Dinner Cancelling is quite effective both in terms of health and the dream figure: Successes & Backgrounds>.

How healthy is Dinner Cancelling? What happens in the body?

Dinner cancelling releases the hormones melatonin and somatropin. It is also believed that these hormones may cause anti-aging effects. Dinner cancelling can also reduce weight. I don’t need to stress that being overweight is unhealthy at this point, do I?

How do I create Dinner Cancelling?

In the section Tips you will be helped. There are some strategies to survive this self-castration. :-)

How fast can you lose weight with Dinner Cancelling?

In the section Successes I have researched some experiences.

How good Is Dinner Cancelling?

Dinner cancelling has advantages and disadvantages, anti-ageing effects have been proven by calorie reduction in studies/animal experiments and are known from the Japanese island Okinawa.

How fast does Dinner Cancelling work?

In the section Successes I have researched some experiences. As far as the anti-aging effects are concerned, I have noticed that I sleep much better after 2 days and I am more efficient during the day.

What is Dinner Cancelling?

See section What is Dinner Cancelling?

What do you eat? What is allowed?

Please write it in the comments

Can I do sports?

Sure! -) There are no excuses!


A blog lives from feedback. So, please write me your opinion and your experience with dinner cancelling in a commentary. Even if you wish to post a message on a specific topic, you can still post a comment. I look forward to it, thank you for your help!

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