Defeating depression – Depression caused by antibiotics

Defeating depressionsI am very grateful that Vinko contacted me and was willing to write his (he called it half) success story. After a few emails, he gave us his story of how he step by step overcame his depressions, in chronological form. And I think it’s definitely a success story, because there is a clear tendency to UP. And I hope that all those who find (and also read) this article will be able to draw courage and inspiration from his lines. I have, so that you can read the text better (in the internet), just put a few subtitles and bolded some terms (you do so.: -)).

Vinko’s (half) success story:

Here you will find part 2, his interim report: Depressions, intestinal flora and histamine

Depression from antibiotics?

[..As I said, it all started with antibiotic treatment for a borreliosis infection. The first time I had to take for six weeks antibiotics. No one told me that I should do something for my intestinal flora. After this I was not’ the rest itself’ what I was always, but I didn’t give it much importance – back then.

The intestinal flora and the psyche – after another 5 weeks of antibiosis

A few years later we (my doctor and I) did a control examination, borreliosis antibodywere present, but low. The doctor thought it could be that they were still from the infection at the time and that it was not a chronic infection at all, but he would prescribe precautionary antibiotics for five weeks. His words:’ that little bit of diarrhea I would accept‘.


And again no explanation about the importance of building the intestinal flora parallel or after. I swallow the antibiotics well for five weeks, but I didn’t get any bad diarrhoea. I did not observe how my condition developed in the months after that, I only know that I could not read for long and when my children were there, I had to watch over them all the time. Somehow I was always’ at 180′ .

article: Building intestinal flora after antibiotics


After about six months I noticed the first’ drops of fog‘ in my head, thought in a few days it would go away by itself. When it wasn’t, I went to the doctor. thyroid examination, all OK; EEG, nothing conspicuous. The neurologist thought it was probably stress and that I should rest a bit. But there was no rest, I felt worse and worse, sometimes I felt like a zombi, I could not think clearly, I felt as if my thought came from far away and were very quiet. Sometimes my senses were completely foggy, sometimes a little clearer, but never quite clear.

Food allergies or food intolerances?

At some point I noticed that it got much worse after Essen. Allergy? I tried to observe whether it is a particular food that causes this. But no matter what I ate, it was always the same: clear fogging in the head. It took about three hours after eating until the’ fog’ was a bit delayed. If I was very hungry, I was clearest in the head.


At some point I suspected amalgam seals (I had two pieces that haven’t bothered me for years). I found out about it on the Internet and thought up how I could test it. I waited until I was quite hungry again, rubbed with piece of wood on the amalgam fillings and watched me afterwards. After a few minutes the’ fog’ came quite violently. I felt drunk, my motor function was like that. ‘ Finally I have the solution’ I thought.

Allergy test

Also Do an allergy test. Call Dermatologist, appointment only possible in four months. Call to the university hospital, appointment in five months. Fortunately there is a private skin practice nearby, I am not privately insured, but I didn’t want to wait four months. I got an appointment very quickly, told the doctor the story and she did the test on Amalgam allergy. At the same time she also tested a few other metals. Three days later, a check-up. Highly allergic to mercury, slight allergy to other components of the filling. Why is it suddenly allergic to the stuff I’ve had for ten years and never had any problems with it?

Here you will find part 2, his interim report: Depressions, intestinal flora and histamine

Healing in sight

Well…. Appointment at the dentist, Witness out, plastic in, now everything will be as it was before. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t as foggy in the head as before, but still. So, gather information about mercury. The stuff stays in the body for a very long time, I figured out that after six months it should stay minimal. Patience, it’s going to get better every day, I thought to myself.

Sleeping problems

My powers slowly diminished, I could hardly do anything, only the most necessary. I got the idea that smoking doesn’t do me good (I smoke about 20 cigarettes a day) and that I have to stop it. Alcohol I haven’t tolerated it for a long time. At the beginning, the quitting worked out quite well, although it meant additional stress for me. Unfortunately, after about three weeks my brain was somehow exposed again and again, I was unable to think. Two weeks later I woke up at night and could not fall asleep again. I got sleep problems. At some point I decided that I couldn’t make it and that I would start smoking again. I was done.

Diagnosis: Depression – Treatment: Antidotes

When I kept getting dizzy at work, I went to the doctor. Examination, blood examination. At home, I typed my symptoms into Google. Everything suited to depression. To the doctor to discuss the results of the blood test. He said it was nothing particularly conspicuous and that he thought it might be depression. I told him I came to the same conclusion. He prescribed me antidepressants, wrote me sick for two weeks, now everything will be fine again.

Sleeping pills

Unfortunately not right again, after one week I got massive sleep problems. I slept again and again for ten minutes, lay in bed for hours at night, during the day the same. The doctor prescribed sleeping pills, I should only take them for a week. That was no sleep, I was just unconscious. When I had to do something, it got me so confused that I trembled all over my body.

Self admission to psychiatry

I decided that it’s not going to go on like this and that I have to go to psychiatry call a friend, explained the situation to him. He took me to immediately to be taken up stationarily. Other medications, all sorts of treatments.


The diet there: sausage and salami for breakfast, meat for lunch, meat for dinner. After ten days I couldn’t see any more meat. My condition was equally poor. You could also order vegetarian food or raw food. So I decided vegetarian for breakfast and lunch, in the evening I ordered raw food. At some point there was a change of medication again, my condition improved a bit.

Article: Instructions for deacidification of the body with base powder

Sport / Movement

I started doing sports again. Before that, I barely had the strength to run up ten steps. I was getting better and better.

Another low

After a total of four months I was released. I wasn’t quite healed yet, but confident that I will be. At home I continued to take medicine and started eating meat again, from time to time doner kebab, pizza, noodle and some other not so high culinary food, nearly raw food. For a while it was OK, then I got flu. It took me a long time to get rid of them, and then I got worse again. My sleep went bad again, I fell asleep badly, woke up at the slightest sound and was wide awake at four o’ clock in the morning. I continued to take my medication as prescribed. I didn’t want to go back to

The right nutrition

What am I going to do differently from there? The only big difference for me is that I have had a different diet there. I decided again to eat vegetarian with much more fresh food, especially fruit. I changed my diet in one fell swoop. From the fruit I got diarrhoea, on the internet I read somewhere that it’s good and intestine cleansing. I felt so bad that I had a tachycardia, was weak, was dizzy at the slightest effort, could hardly think.

Fructose intolerance?

So google: fruit, diarrhea. That’s when I learned about fructose intolerance. Even more: the undigested fructose combines with tryptophan (amino acid from which serotonin is produced) and is excreted without the body being able to utilize the tryptophan. No tryptophan, no serotonin. So, do fructose intolerance test. Negative. No intolerance, but the doctor told me that the body can only process a certain amount per hour, the rest moves on and binds large amounts of water, causing diarrhoea. At the same time, you lose large amount of micronutrientsthus. Since then I only eat, from time to time, a little fruit, if I exaggerate there is again diarrhea. In the modern fruit varieties there is much more fructose than in the past, we want it to taste good. And that stuff is all over it. You think it’s a bit healthy, but it’s not quite so (please google yourself).


I started googling about micronutrients, came up digestion and intestinal flora. In between I had tested for food allergies, I was allergic to 10 out of 14 things tested. Various pollen allergies. I wondered why I suddenly had so many allergies. According to orthodox medicine, I would have had to accept that the probability is low that it can be healed, and I should have avoided almost everything and could only live on’ bread and water’ (I was allergic to cereals). I could have put a bullet in my head. I didn’t want to put up with that. As I got the allergies, somehow they have to be able to go away.

Healthy and allergy-free

On the Internet I came across the book of Henning Müller-Burzler’ On the Traces of Methuselah Diet. Healthy and allergy-free’ . I read a lot about it, found it interesting and ordered it. I read the book, thought it was good, some of it didn’t seem to me to be credible (some say it as if it had been proven in countless studies, and these are his conclusions).

Intestinal fungi

I recognized his story in many details, and some of him about the origin of allergies, disturbed intestinal flora and permeable intestine seemed very logical to me. I went to intestinal mushrooms test: positive. anti-fungal medications brought only a little relief. I tried some things out of the book, but either I didn’t stick to it for long, there were no quick successes or it didn’t do me any good.

But I did a lot of research on the internet about intestinal flora, minerals, vitamins, nutrition but I came across the book’ You are not sick, you are thirsty‘.  At some point I took Ph-stripes in the pharmacy, tested my chair. There was a very high Ph-value. Alkaline instead of acidic. I thought I knew everything, but I was never satisfied with the results. I wanted great success in a short time. I continued reading a lot, learned a lot about associations in the body and mind and then little by little I developed a program for myself that I have been following for about half a year. I’m always better and better. Not from one day to the next, but when I compare my condition from month to month, I see a clear improvement. The antidepressants I have long ago offered on my own responsibility, I was convinced that they don’t bring anything to me (please don’t understand it as a recommendation).

What I do

Two times a week for one hour to swim comfortably without putting any pressure on me (please google about sport and mental, mental and physical health).


I drink at least three litres of still water per day, take 1.5 litres of bottles. So I know better if I drank my dose (see the book‘ They are not sick, they are thirsty’ . Search Keywords‘ thirst’ and’ histamine’ google. ‘ drinking’ and’ digestion’ , and what else comes to mind in terms of drinking).


I take 400 mg of magnesium daily, as magnesiumcitrate, pure powder without additives. I do it in three litres of water and drink it all over the day (googling about magnesium and health, magnesium against stress, about the bioavailability of magnesium from citrate compounds, and what else comes to mind is tema magnesium). If there is too much diarrhea, in which case reduce dose.

Vitamin B complex

I take vitamin B complex with long-term effect, is available at DM, own brand, 60 pieces for 2.50 euros approximately, and take one capsule each after breakfast and lunch (googling over B vitamins). B vitamins are water soluble, too much is simply excreted.

Vitamin C

I take 2 grams of vitamin C a day, and again with long-term effect. 1 gram after breakfast, 1 gram after lunch. It is a simple vitamin and probably the most important (inform among other things also about consumption of vitamin C in stress, diseases, and about the relationship between vit. C and serotonin synthesis). Vitamin C is water-soluble, it is practically impossible to overdose, there is diarrhoea if there is too much. In that case, the crowd down one notch.

Raw food

I have slowly increased raw food proportion of the diet LANGSAM increased so intestinal flora can adapt. First, we had lettuce for lunch and dinner, and lamb’s lettuce in winter. Slowly I have fresh paprika (red and yellow peppers, have about 140 mg vitamin C per 100 grams, green ones are actually unripe), fresh cucumber usv. 

Omega-3 fatty acids

Wednesday evenings are always Wild salmon, costs 2 Euro for 250 grams at REWE or Lidl, well because Omega 3 (must be well informed about omega 3 fatty acids), easily digestible proteins. Twice a week would be even better. I have a fixed day for the fish, so I won’t forget it and don’t have to think about what I could cook.

Oats, otherwise no grain

Hardly any meat
I have only replaced wheat products with spelt products, i. e. wholemeal varieties (inform about wheat). In the meantime I make my own bread and unless I use oats, I don’t use cereals (inform about oats). I do not consume other flour products.

I avoid meat and sausage, and when I eat it, I see that it is chicken meat (chicken breast).  Pigs or beef cannot actually be chewed, it is only crushed. You have big pieces in your stomach that can hardly be digested. Rot-bacteria are happy.

Avoid dairy products except for yoghurt (lactic acid bacteria)

I don’t eat much dairy products, but I make my own yogurt. Therefore I have a Device ordered from ( AmazonAd ), about 30 Euro, and it works very well. I get all the probiotic yoghurts that exist, mix them together and then use them to make my own yoghurt. Most yoghurts on the market have only one bacterial culture, so I have more variety. I also took probiotics ( AmazonAd ) used to make yogurt, it works fine. In view of the diversity, I think the robust bacteria will already prevail. I’ll have a yogurt late at night. I also add a teaspoonful of lactose so that the lactic acid bacteria can have a little celebration (lactic acid lowers the pH value in the intestine and makes life difficult for putrefactive bacteria and fungi).

The right oil

I only use cold pressed, unfinished rapeseed and olive oil when I cook fresh ( lots of omega 3, little omega 6, and lots of vitamin E). Sunflower oil has very unfavourable Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio (1:120). Only coconut fat for frying.

So, I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

Staying consistent

Sometime I came to the conclusion that you can’t achieve much with half-hearted attempts. You need patience and stamina. There’s not much you can do in a day or week. It’s more likely to take months to make a habit of it.
I’m getting much better now. I can think and act again. I believe that most health problems are due to the fact that we no longer live’ species-appropriately’ and feed ourselves.
I think that everyone has to become an expert in his or her own business and ultimately has to help himself or herself.

Guys, believe in yourselves…

Many greetings, Vinko

Here you will find part 2, his interim report: Depressions, intestinal flora and histamine

Addendum by Vinko:

I came to Germany twenty years ago at the adult age. I practically taught myself to speak and write German myself (this explains some spelling mistakes), meanwhile I also speak French and understand some English. I completed my vocational training in my home country with the highest grade, in Germany I started as a dishwasher, made new apprenticeship as a metal cutting mechanic, did advanced training as a specialist programmer, which I then finished with 1.1. I did an IQ test once, but if I’d done it in the time I was totally fogged, I probably wouldn’t have made it to 70. I mention this because of the Video of’ Arte’ about autism. I am convinced that the toxins of the wrong intestinal flora can eliminate the mind (like other toxins).

Perhaps my most important insight from the years of my suffering:

as long as we don’t consider ourselves to be an unit of body, mind and soul and try to achieve healing by treating only one or the other, we don’t really and permanently become healthy. If we have stress, the digestion is scaled back. If this continues, the body gets too little nutrients. without the required nutrients the mind suffers and has even more stress. A spiral is created downwards. To stop and reverse this, MUST be done for the mind, body and soul SIMULTANEOUSLY something. Our Body is a miracle of nature. It always tries to make the best for us of what we give it. And if we just give him garbage, we don’t have to wonder if he makes’ mistakes’. For some people the motto is:’ Better driving class than eating class’ .
Talk when buying engine oil:’ What? 20 Euro per litre? That can’t be good! That one out of 40 could be something. Do you have it in organic quality?”
When buying edible oil:’ 80 cents per litre? Super!! Saved money again!”
We treat the car better than ourselves.
I think it should be the other way around.

I avoid all simple carbohydrates, as they cause a rapid increase in blood sugar. High blood sugar is followed by a rapid crash. Low blood sugar is a huge stress for the body (AND soul). With complex carbohydrates, this doesn’t happen so quickly.

I avoid being hungry and thirsty because again means stress for the body. If it’s too long between lunch and dinner, I eat a small thing about 4 pm. Generally, I see that I don’t stop up at once, because with insufficient digestion, too much undigested food gets into the colon, where the incorrect intestinal flora rejoices again.

I avoid finished products that only need to be warmed up. After all, I’ve never seen them grow like this before. I’ll cook myself. Makes a lot of effort, but I’m worth it.

Psychic diseases have become a mass phenomenon in Germany. In a country where people are doing well:

  • Our refrigerators are full,
  • financial we are quite good,
  • the sabre-toothed tiger no longer threatens us,
  • most of us don’t have bad luck.

And yet we are not really happy and healthy. What is different from a hundred years ago?

I claim that it’s because we want more and more of the things we don’t really need, and because we eat the wrong food.

Maybe you should wonder:

  • How would we feed ourselves if we didn’t use fire, weapons and tools?
  • How would we live without these things? Because if we really needed cars (and mobile phones, computers, and what do I know what) we would have been born with it.

Before one treats oneself, I would recommend everyone to let the family doctor check through correctly:

  • major blood test,
  • Chair on possible parasites,
  • Fungi,
  • damaging bacteria,

leave a copy of it and in case of possible deficiencies, to inform yourself about it. If the family doctor doesn’t do it, (who can afford it), pay for the examination himself. And for those who can afford it, buy food in organic quality.

Here you will find part 2, his interim report: Depressions, intestinal flora and histamine

Thanks, Vinko, for this addendum. A quintessence that will certainly help the readers. And to those of you who have something to tell yourself that could help fellow sufferers: You are cordially invited to contribute. Please just write me or leave a comment. Vinko is certainly looking forward to a comment or an interesting discussion. Sure, the blog is still young, but hope dies last. Only courage!!


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