Instructions for deacidification of the body with base powder

Deacidification can be used both via Nutrition and Base powders, Base baths and Sodium (Sodium hydrogen carbonate) or Potassium carbonate. For the correct nutrition I write something below: Basic Nutrition, because basic nutrition is actually the reacidification.

The goal should be a change of diet.  But let’s face it. Everyday life forces us to fall back into old patterns of behaviour. We’ll eat again as before. But if you are really highly acidified and therefore not a single body function still functions normally (digestive enzymes, for example), it will not be enough to just change your diet. Even the healthiest food has to be digested properly so that the good ingredients end up where they help and deacidify our body.

Acidification has many faces. The symptoms are manifold. You can find out when to think about the body’s deacidification here:

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Instruction guide

The deacidification of the body should take place both from inside and outside. I think it’s best to shoot from all the pipes. A base flood must run through the body and neutralize every acid intracellular and extracellular.

Deacidification with soda or base powder based on carbonate

(Nutritional supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

sodium bicarbonate is the basic counterpart to common salt (sodium chloride). Carbonates do not occur in their original form in our food and it is very unnatural to swallow them. Hydrogencarbonate occurs in our body, but only in the stomach as a protection of the gastric mucosa from the stomach acid and in the blood as a buffer. hydrogen carbonate is released in the stomach by the side cells of the gastric mucosa. Hydrogencarbonate is a part of the mucus layer which protects the Magenwand from the highly corrosive hydrochloric acid.

In the stomach

The hydrochloric acid is produced by the vascular cells. Salt is produced by receiving cells of the stomach hydrochloric acid, which is released into the stomach while hydrogen carbonate is released into the blood. If you eat something, of course, it’s on a larger scale. This always makes us feel so good (and also tired) because the blood gets a good dose of hydrogen carbonate. However, this is directly absorbed by the pancreas, because blood must have a relative constant PH value. The pancreas then has the difficult task of catapulting the porridge, which comes from the stomach into the twelfinger intestineagain, to neutralize or even into the basic area around 8.

Bullrich Acid-base balance at AmazonThis task can of course be performed more easily by supporting the pancreas a little. If you take sodium bicarbonate or a carbonate-based base agent at the right time, i. e. when the stomach is just finished with its work and the food porridge is released into the duodenum, you take a little work off the pancreas to neutralize the acidity. However, if you swallow hydrogen carbonate-based base remedies directly with food, you neutralize the stomach acid too early and weaken the pre-digestion through the stomach. If you have just eaten a fatty pork roast, it takes several hours for the food pulp to leave your stomach.

duration of food stay in the stomach

  • up to 1h: beverages
  • up to 2h: Easily digestible carbohydrates such as rice, white bread, potatoes (cooked) & milk
  • up to 3h: scrambled eggs, cream, mixed bread, some vegetables, fish (cooked)
  • up to 4h: poultry (boiled), wholemeal bread, many vegetables, fried potatoes
  • up to 5h: Most meat dishes, pulses, but also fatty fish
  • up to 7h: extremely fatty dishes, fat roast pork, oil sardines, eel, goose / duck

Whoever eats very fatty foods or has eaten a lot of meat should therefore best refrain from using sodium bicarbonate to influence digestion.

For those with a scientific bias: When hydrochloric acid (HCl) is neutralized with sodium/sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3), water, table salt and carbon dioxide are produced. Here is the reaction equation:

HCl + NaHCO3 = NaCl + H2O + CO2

Critics of base powder based on hydrogen carbonate say that too much salt would be formed and salt is known to be unhealthy. But salt is also vital to life, but not in too large quantities.

Our physical salt composition resembles sea, because we finally come out of the sea. That is why sea salt is also healthier than table salt. This has been taken into account by the fact that there is not only pure sodium but also tablets and alkaline powders, which are based on the mineral composition of our body. These bases are not only made of sodium, but also calcium, potassium, magnesium and so on.

alkala NAnd also: The crowd makes the poison. If you don’t exaggerate, it is helpful and works quickly and precisely when you want to reach under your pancreas. In addition, we’re all chronically dehydrated anyway. We all drink too little water. If you don’t have high blood pressure, drink enough, which is the A & O in case of acidity, don’t worry about the excess of salt. A doctor’s order to consume a little salt should of course always be followed.

Deacidification with drinking water
  • By the way, many healing waters that gush from springs where people line up in snakes to fill themselves up have very special ingredients: hydrogencarbonate base minerals.
  • That’s why you can make your own “healing water”, right?
    Simply mix a little base powder based on carbonate into the drinking water. But not too much, I want it to taste good. This water can then be drunk throughout the day.
  • Still instead of carbonated water.

Deacidify cells: Base powder from citrate

Citrates do not act like carbonates in the stomach and intestines. Citrates act in the cells, so deacidification with citrates takes place intracellularly. However, if you have a stomach that is highly acidified, you should first increase the amount of base powder or base tablets on hydrogen carbonate base to deacidify the body. Carbon dioxide is formed in order to release this carbonic acid/carbon dioxide, you have to burp. :-)

If you want to see the effect for yourself, take your base remedy on Hydrogen carbonate base and put it in vinegar. The result is a sparkling vinegar lime. :-)

Of course, this carbonic acid can also be the driving force of flatulence. With which base powder on hydrogencarbonate base can cause flatulence.

Citrates are better

You can read and hear that everywhere. Citrate should be used for citrate and carbonate for lower ranking. Depending on tolerance. Some people do not tolerate citrates, some people do not tolerate carbonates. But the amount makes the poison and citrates are definitely the better choice. Alkalizing agents based on sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate can be harmful on a regular basis and in high doses over the medium to long term.

Why are base powders based on carbonate not as good as citrates?
  • The stomach should be very acidic, but carbonates neutralize the stomach acid.
  • The small intestine should be basic, but not too much, because…
  • At some point, the porridge also reaches Large intestine. A rather acid environment should prevail there, because pathogenic germs have to be displaced by lactic acid bacteria. Ammonia, the toxic metabolic product of clostridia, is converted into a non-toxic salt by the lactic acid of the lactobacilli and can be excreted safely. If this is not excreted, the liver has a lot to do with detoxification.
  • Due to acid pH value in the colon minerals can be better absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. This is where the vicious circle begins: Without a low PH value in the colon, no good mineral absorption, without minerals no deacidification.

Citrates act intracellularly or in the cell metabolism.

But above all it is the right mix of citrates that should be put together optimally.

Source: Dr. Jacobs Website

If you build up your intestines at the same time (article: Building intestinal flora) and thus preventing pathogenic germs from contributing to the poisoning of the body, we are well on our way!

If you have problems with the intestinal flora anyway and want to preserve the intestinal flora, only a base powder made of citratesis an option in the medium to long term.

Here are the important citrates and a little instructions on how to produce base powder or citrate yourself: bases Citrate

Deacidification via the skin

Particularly in the case of symptoms affecting the skin or nails, deacidification should be carried out via the skin:

  • neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • acne
  • Cellulite
  • Fungi
  • Foot athlete’s foot
  • Other skin problems

In the case of these illnesses, deacidification should be carried out from the outside. This can be done with alkaline baths, either as a full bath or foot bath with special basic base additives or with sodium bicarbonate (mazon).

The skin excretes acids via the skin. We already know that. Because there is the acid mantle. :-)

The lie of the acid mantle

In my opinion, the acid mantle is an invention of the cosmetics industry. Of course, no matter who in the civilian world you measure the pH value of the skin, everyone will have an acidic pH value because pretty much everyone is overacidified and this acid simply has to get out of the body.

You should knock on the door of a primitive people and ask if you are allowed to carry out a small study. Vegetarians and vegans also have a “very weak” acid mantle. According to the logic of conventional medicine, their skin is thus less protected from viruses and bacteria. Strangely enough, vegetarians and vegans don’t have more frequent problems with skin diseases than vegetarians do.

Amniotic fluid is alkaline

The amniotic fluid, in which small unborn babies live for about 9 months, is also not acidic, but is alkaline with a pH value of about 8.5. Why, dear dermatologists and cosmetics industry, does nature make these mistakes? According to the motto, only the child who manages to be born despite the basic ordeal, without acid mantle, is strong enough to survive this world? Survival of the fittest?

It has also been suggested that bacterially contaminated breast milk can never be as good as sterile baby food saturated with carbohydrates.  At least there has been an insight here in the meantime.

Acid mantle is an indicator of acidosis

For the cosmetics industry, the existence of the protective acid mantle is a good source of income, because PH-neutral care products can be sold at a higher price than ordinary soap. For conventional medicine, the acid mantle is a first-class means of suppressing the fact that the body can latently overacidify. The fact that the body then tries to get rid of these acids via the skin when the primary detoxification or excretion organs are overstrained is hard work for Uncle Doc.

Normal soap is basic/alkaline and thus destroys the “acid mantle” and the cosmetics industry helps us with PH-neutral (PH-neutral is not PH 7, but skin pH-neutral 5.5) shower gels and care products. And even if I should be wrong. If you wash your skin with soap, it will be sour again after a few hours anyway! In the past, there were not as many skin diseases as there are today, and people used to wash themselves with curd soap. Coincidence?

Washing with curd soap

First of all, you should change your habit: Shower gels may smell good, but they don’t clean as well as real soap. In addition, shower gels contain far too much chemistry. We want to get rid of acid, poison and chemicals and not purify ourselves with them. If the shower gel is PH-neutral (5,5), you’d rather give it to an unloved person, throw it away, but don’t wash with it anymore.

Basical shampoo for hair

There is also basic shampoo, so if you have problems with the scalp or hair loss, you should also trybasic hair care products.

Here really different views of the world collide. Some sell alkaline care products, others sell acidic (PH-neutral = 5.5?) care products.

Household soap

Oh, yes, household soap is a jack-of-all-trades. Withsoap flakes you can even make your own liquid detergent to protect your clothes… Stop. We don’t want to deacidify the clothes.…..

Next time you jump in the shower, bring some curd soap. In every drugstore, for example, there is the household soap from Dalli (Amazon).

The famous triple pack in a transparent foil package with red stripes. So this household soap is anything but promotional. That’s a good sign for me.

Stupidly, the shape of the soap with these grooves is anything but pleasant on the skin, especially if you soap yourself in bony areas. I therefore prefer the following soap, which is unfortunately not available everywhere. I simply buy them in large quantities online: online.

In the past there were even bathroom tiles with soap dish, can you remember? In the old days you still knew what is good, but then came the acid mantle….: -)

By the way, because we’re in the middle of it. To keep things tidy, there are also soap holders that you can attach without drilling. In the age of shower gel, the Conditioner et cetera, I just wanted to point this out once again: soap dish

There was a life before the shower gel and there is one after that, believe me. But there are even basic shower gels:Imperial Sodium Shower Gel

Alkalizing baths

If the body is already forced to de-acidify through the skin, then you should make the best of it. You should relax 3 times a week for at least 1 hour in a full bath with basic water.  After one hour the acid mantle will be so much of broken and that’s a good thing.; -)

But don’t worry, the body is so acidified that after a few hours the skin is really sour again. Juhuuu, the acid mantle is back!

Now follows a short instruction. But it’s nonsense, actually. First of all, we have to find out how to create a base bath. There are of course a lot of offers for this. And I also think that this is something that should be used at the beginning. If a basic bath salt has exactly the right composition, this is better.

Deacidification with soda bath

Otherwise I like to take 4-5 bags of Kaiser Natron for a full bath. This is really the highest dose. So please try a bath salt like this one from Jentschura (Amazon). Soap well beforehand and rub thoroughly with a washcloth. The abrasion can then be repeated every quarter of an hour. I’d be happy to use soap. The alkaline Sodium (mazon) removes the acids from the skin and neutralizes them.

You can measure the pH-value of the water before and after base bath.

If you have problems with the scalp or hair loss, you should dip your hair as often as possible in alkaline water and massage the scalp.

Base foot baths with sodium bicarbonate

The cracker for nail fungi, because they don’t like it at all alkaline, first cut the nails as short as possible. But even in the case of nail fungus infestation, proper deacidification from the inside with citrates and carbonates is necessary.

It becomes interesting when the nail fungus infected toenails fall out due to the effect of the alkaline bath. Because that’s what happened to me. They grow back healthy and the spook is over. Really brilliant. In case of nail fungus infestation, it is best to take a base foot bath every evening.

But even if you don’t suffer from a nail fungus, you can deacidify the body very well with a sodium bicarbonate (mazon) footbath.

More on the natural treatment of nail fungus: Treating nail fungus yourself with natural remedies

  • First, wash your feet with core soap neat wash.
  • An dessert spoonful of sodium bicarbonate into a container in which the feet fit next to each other.
  • To sit comfortably on the sofa, lay a cloth outstretched on the floor.
  • Lay another scarf on the sofa so that it is always ready to hand
  • Telephone close at hand. No other electrical devices that could fall into the water.
  • TV or book? Something to drink? Maybe some still water or a base tea?
  • Go to the bathroom again?
  • The water should be filled in quite warm but bearable . Not too much, the more concentrated the better.
  • Good stir until the sodium bicarbonate has dissolved.
  • Pure and enjoy feet.
  • After at least 1 hour, if the water is already cold, dry your feet and clear.

It’s worth it. I promise! In addition, footbaths with caustic soda have a deodorising effect, i. e. against stinky feet.

Deacidification with basic stockings (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Please take a small bowl and pour in a little hot water.
  • Now pour sodium hydrogen carbonate and dissolve it afterwards. The solution must be correctly saturated. So you need so much sodium hydrogen carbonate or so little water that sodium hydrogen carbonate (e. g. Kaiser Natron) does not dissolve completely.
  • Now put Strucks put there.
  • WringsYou off.
  • Dress them.
  • Draw a second pair of stockings over it.
  • These you should now stay overnight.
Brushing teeth with sodium bicarbonate

Take any toothpaste, I also like to take Ajona (Amazon) because it contains strong>strong, but no other chemicals (fluoride and co.). Take Natron in your mouth (1 knife tip up to a maximum of 1/4 teaspoonful of Kaiser Natron should be enough) and brush your teeth as usual. In case of paradontosis and problems with the teeth a benefit. But breath odour is also combated efficiently. You can find out here what else you can do to help your teeth: Plant rinses for gum inflammations

Is brushing teeth with sodium bicarbonate harmful? No. I once told my dentist, who works holistically, that I brush my teeth with sodium bicarbonate. He replied to me that I should keep practicing it this way. Nowadays, no physician who works economically will give you a tip he doesn’t deserve anything from you. These tips always fall into subordinate clauses when you provoke them. But it is logical, if acids are bad for our gums and teeth, then you have to neutralize them!

I also like to rinse with a combination of vademecum (mazon) and Emperor Natron (Amazon). All the bacteria that destroy our teeth and gums like to piss us off. This basic mouthwash consists of a combination that bacteria don’t really like. ) And vergiss the tongue scraper not. The bacteria are waiting on the tongue to spread again. You can find out how I got rid of my sensitive teeth and gum inflammation here: Plant rinses for gum inflammations

If you don’t drink coffee during the day because of overacidification, you can drink base tea instead of any tea. Like e. g.:


bentonite is offered as a detoxifying agent for the body. bentonite is a mineral soil that binds toxins, which can then be excreted.

How long should one deacidify?

In fact, deacidification is always referred to as a base cure or deacidification cure/deacidification cure. Such a cure lasts at least 6 weeks and I only stop if I feel good. I really feel it when the body has the right pH value. My Ssleep becomes better, I am more powerful, calmer, positive, my skin becomes better and I feel fresher.

My base cure:

The term purification cure is very frowned upon, because it doesn’t sound exactly scientific, so my deacidification program is a “base cure”. :-)

  • Morning after breakfast a glass of water with a half scoop of Jacobs base powder. (Link)
  • Lunchtime 2-3h after eating 1-2 tablets of Bullrich Acid Base Balance (Link).
  • Evenings after dinner a glass of water with a half scoop of Jacobs base powder.
  • To fall asleep 2 tablets of Bullrich Acid Base Balance. (This provides a quiet, restful sleep for me)
  • As far as possible healthy nutrition, but not strictly according to Table. I love eating meat, but I can do without sweets and carbohydrates. I also prefer vegetables instead of fruit, because I find Schaubs more plausible than Ragnar Berg’s theory (section: Basic nutrition).
  • core soap instead of shower gel
  • As often as possible an Basebath
  • Down dosage for diarrhoea and/or flatulence. In this case you can also suspend a day and increase it slowly if necessary. But I would also interpret it as a sign that the body has enough of what you give it!
  • MUCH STILL WATER OR HERBED DRINKING! The acids have to be removed.

List of known base powders/base agents

  • Jacobs Base Powder (Link)
  • Bullrich Acid Base Balance (Link)
  • Jentschura MeineBase 750g (Link)
  • alkala N (link)
  • Cirkulin acid-base balance (Link)
  • Senagold Base Powder (Link)
  • Basica (Link)


Basically it is said that high in protein, especially animal products in the body are metabolized acid and vegetable products are metabolized basic. This assumption goes back to the Swedish biochemist Ragnar Berg (1873 – 1956). Mr. Berg died in the middle of the last century. This theory is outdated and should be questioned, as well as the still widespread opinion that salt consumption (permanently) increases blood pressure. Ragnar Berg burned food and then used the residues to determine how these foods work in our bodies. A burnt lemon, for example, left a lot of minerals. The acidity burned completely.

acids from sulphate, chloride and phosphate compounds over acidify our body:

  • Sulfuric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • phosphoric acid

These acids are not basically harmful to our body, but are even vital. But in our “modern” diet there is simply too much of it.

The excess amount must be excreted by our body through the kidneys. If the kidneys are overwhelmed, the body has to get rid of the acids elsewhere.

Organic acids naturally also have an acidic effect in our body and must be neutralized, but can be better degraded by our body and breathed off as carbon dioxide (carbonic acid):

  • citric acid (citrate)
  • Lactic acid (lactate)
  • acetic acid (acetate)

Acidic foodstuffs

vegetable (nuts) but above all animal protein (meat & fish) are metabolized by the body because of their components such as cysteine and methionine and of course other sulphurous amino acids – aminoacidslevel. Meat products such as sausages and co. but also nuts contain phosphate-containing molecules. Cola is even deliberately added phosphoric acid. Probably so that the incredible amount of sugar really dissolves.  Thus, the acid-base balance is also loaded with acids (carbonic acid and phosphoric acid) by Cola. Why don’t you put a piece of meat in Coke? Phosphoric acid has an extremely destructive effect.

Alkaline food

Most plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables and salads are metabolized in a basic way and are therefore among the basic foods and support you in basic nutrition and deacidification of the body. Alkaline foods contain mineral compounds such as potassium, magnesium, sodium or calcium citrate, which the body can use to buffer or neutralize acids. These minerals make these foods basic. Thus,”Eat Basically” means to feed on mineralized vegetables and fruit.

Accordingly, vegetarians and vegans eat more basic food. But your diet is not only alkaline. Grain products contain both carbohydrates that are metabolised by acidity (carbonic acid) and proteins that are also metabolised by acidity (amino acids).

Acid Bases Tables

Of course, you shouldn’t do without meat and co. One should only limit consumption and eat more alkaline vegetables for deacidification of the body. I don’t let a table spoil the fun of eating. Chewing well is half-digested.

Alkaline Diet Table

The acid bases table can be found here: acid bases tables.

Schaub food

Fruit contains a lot of acidity, depending on the variety. Animal food, you can tell from the taste, but hardly noticeable. The acids that acidify our body are only formed in the body from food components. That’s the theory so far.

Stefan Schaub sees it a little differently. Although there are a lot of minerals in lemons, there are also acids. First and foremost, citric acid. These acids have to be neutralized first. But this is not the case with vegetables. And if you don’t eat too much meat, your body will also be able to cope with the acids that are produced during protein metabolism. It is also important to ensure that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner and the type of meat used. Schaub obviously seems to be a friend of the Stone Age or paleo-nutrition (I also seem to be a friend of the paleo-nutrition, because nothing seems more natural to me). Less carbohydrates, more vegetables and meat. But: According to Schaub, the meat juice contains all the acids and toxins, so pour them away!

If you are interested in paleo-nutrition, click here for more information:


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