Autism & Intestinal Flora: Clostridia in the intestine

darmflora-setup-1It’s already crazy. I have just written the article on theme Building intestinal flora and intestinal remediation, so I see a video about autism and intestinal flora on TV. I also found an additional article on the topic in a other health blog, which I like to read regularly and very much:

I’d like to give you a brief summary of what this is all about:

The video reports that a disturbed intestinal flora, caused by antibiotics-“therapy”, was found in the examined autistic children. (I am not an enemy of vital antibiotics, only the medicine should remember the classical, proven remedies.


The special: The disease-causing bacteria were Clostridien, whose metabolic product Propionic acid in experiments on Ratten caused a condition reminiscent of autism.

In the film, the clostridia were fought with Vancomycin, a Reserve-Antibiotic, which is only used when nothing else is possible.

During therapy the autistic boy was much better and he was able to do things the mother had not thought possible.

However, clostridia form antibiotic-resistant spores, which are also resistant to this antibiotic. Well, luck didn’t last long, because at some point the expensive antibiotic had to be removed for some time. The clostridia returned due to the spores.


But with lactic acid or bifidobacteria one can repel putrefactive bacteria like Clostridia. Thus it was possible to achieve a certain improvement in the film as well. But as I mention in this article “Building intestinal flora“, adding probiotics is not enough. Especially if you continue to eat unhealthy foods. A complete Intestinal Reorganization with Intestinal Cleansing


Probiotics in combination with prebiotics* have a much greater effect. There is also a promising study on this subject, which I also mention in the article Build up intestinal flora.

Faecal transplantation

Fecal transplantation was developed as a treatment against Clostridium difficile. If you are interested in the topic, click here for more information: Faecal transplantation

Casein and Gluten

In the video it is also mentioned that it should be advantageous to omit gluten and casein, that is grain and dairy products. So food, which evolutionary is not too long on our menu. Completely in the sense of Paleo- or stone-age nutrition (not as a short-term diet). You might also be interested in this article:

But now here is the video of Arte.





Sorry, the video is no longer online. At least this report:



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